Join As Staff


We are always looking to recruit new staff members to help bolster our unit further. There are lots of jobs to fulfill with the troop, especially on events when we require everyone to take part in a role. This is sometimes not achievable because of work commitments or other circumstances. So the more staff, the better.

If you have any military experience, this would help the troop massively. Because not many of us are from the military itself, we rely on information out of books and what others can tell us to teach the cadets correctly. Some of it is old hat and out-dated, so having new information at hand would be good. However it is not mandatory to have military experience, you can still join with the effort and willingness to help support the troop.

Some of the things that we require from staff roles are:

Grant Locating
Minibus Driver
Quarter Master
And other roles that we require at events.

If this interests you at all then why not come along to a training night and have a chat and a cup of tea. If it is not for you then no harm done, but you might find it interesting and want to join. The process you will go through is not the same as the cadets, but still requires you to take the necessary steps.

Firstly you need to be DBS checked to ensure credibility and acceptability. Until you have received the DBS form and given it to us to review, your process can not go an further. Once it has been evaluated, you will have a probation period of 2-3 weeks to makes sure you are committed enough to the unit. You will receive uniform on the first week and any extra equipment will be given to you after the probation period. Any ranks that you hold out of the cadet environment will not be acknowledged until you complete the probation period. If you do hold a rank then it will be discussed in a meeting whether that rank will be bestowed or not.

We understand that everyone has other things to commit to, so if you are not available for any events, we will understand.

If this interests you at all, then view our Contacts page and have a chat.