Our Staff

Lt - Col


Martin is our honorary Lieutenant Colonel who is resident in Hong Kong in 2016. He has been with the troop since 2010 and still represents us in Hong Kong by attending major Royal Marine events. He keeps contacts there so that it could be of benefit to the troop in the near future and hopefully in the long run. Martin was a well-respected officer and brought many important events to the troop, like being able to lead the D-Day parade in Arromanche. He feels that the cadets have always exceeded expectations and have all benefited from being part of the troop tremendously.

Lt - Col


Paul is the Lt Colonel of the troop and has been a staff member since the unit first formed. He assists with numerous events and takes great pride in training the band. Paul is an Emergency Care Practitioner full time and is therefore trained in Emergency Medicine and holds MCpara Paramedic qualifications. Paul uses his skills to train the cadets in many first aid related lessons including heart start and Advanced First Aid so that the cadets can gain qualifications. Paul takes pride in the troop and has seen it grow since the first days of opening.



Brian is our range officer and is in charge of the weapons which we use at the range. He manages the ammunition and all administration in relation to the shooting club, so that the cadets can take part in shooting our 22. rifles. He ensures that the cadets are as safe as possible with the help of his assisting officers. Brian has been with the troop since 2011.



Roger is our Regimental Sergeant Major who took the helm on the drill and inspection of the troop. After serving in The Royal Anglians, he has a lot of experience which is used to give the cadets the skills they need for advancing through the ranks. When work allows he still actively visits the troop and takes part in some events. Out of cadet time he does all the fabrication and welding that is required for our equipment so that restoration work is maintained.


James heads up the recruit training and is the reason why the new cadets and staff learn their core basics when joining the troop. He has been a staff member since 2014, but has quickly made himself involved so that the cadets can experience thorough training when they first join the troop. He is our photographer at events that we attend, enabling memories and records to be kept from every year. James concludes that the troop gives the cadets good self-confidence for things like interviews and general social interaction.